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We represent the group of companies “UkrAgroCom”&“Hermes-Trading” which
is a powerful diversified agrarian holding.

“UkrAgroCom” is among the TOP- 20 of the largest agricultural holdings
and land users of Ukraine. “Hermes-Trading”
is in the TOP-15 of the largest domestic grain traders.

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Our results in figures

80,000 hectares

Agrarian holding
80 thousand hectares of black soil

700, 000 tons

700 thousand tons cereals realization at the global markets (our own crops and harvests of third parties)

350, 000 tons

350 thousand tons of simultaneous storage

4,000 tons

Sugar plant with a processing capacity of 4 thousand tons of sugar beet per day

96,000 tons

The largest river terminal in Ukraine is 96 thousand tons of simultaneous storage, shipment of 5 thousand tons per day

6,000 cattle heads

6 thousand heads of cattle


Crop Production

Livestock Farming

Elevators Storage

Sugar Processing

Trading Operations

Enterprises of the group of companies “UkrAgroCom” process 75 thousand hectares of arable land in 5 districts of the Kirovohrad region and one district of Dnipropetrovsk region

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Livestock Farming sector of the company “UkrAgroCom” includes the production of pork, beef and milk

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The total storage capacity of grain is 353 thousand tons. The elevators are located in the Kirovohrad region, which allows to cover the main raw material base of its own production сировинну базу власного виробництва.

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“Oleksandriiskyi Sugar Plant” LLC is among the top five plants in Ukraine specializing in the production of granulated sugar from sugar beet

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According to the results of successful activity in the past few years "Hermes Trading" enters into Top-20 of the leading Ukrainian exporters of grain and oilseeds.

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For effective work and constant development we establish and maintain close partnerships with the leading world and domestic agricultural companies:
Companies, which produce agricultural machinery, elevator equipment, equipment for cattle-breeding complexes, plant processing and protection equipment.

The group of companies “UkrAgroCom” & “Hermes-Trading” are members of international and national organizations such as the International Association of Grain and Fodder Trade (GAFTA), the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (ACC), the American-Ukrainian Business Council (USUBC), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA), Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation (UAC) etc.

We thank our partners and clients for our success in achieving of the goal.


Dairyfarm "PetrykivskeMoloko"

Sharivskyi elevator

HPP Dobronadiivske

Korolivske HPP

Elevator UkrAgroCom

Svitlovodsk River Terminal

Oleksandriiskyi Sugar Plant


Dairy farm "Petrykivske Moloko", the enterprise of the group of companies "UkrAgroCom" and "Hermes-Trading", is a powerful dairy enterprise of 5 thousand heads of cattle in Kirovohrad region and it is one of the leading ones in Ukraine. Total capacities are 70 tons of milk per day, i.e. 25 thousand tons per year. Total area is more than 50 hectares.

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Sharivskyi elevator is a modern elevator complex of the group of companies "UkrAgroCom" and "Hermes-Trading" with total storage capacities of 81 thousand tons of simultaneous storage; receipt is 5 thousand tons per day; processing and drying is 4 thousand tons per day; loading in the grain conveyer is 2 thousand tons per day.

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HPP “Dobronadiivske” LLC is a modern automated plant, the total area of which is 7.7 hectares. Simultaneous storage capacity is 70.5 thousand tons of grain.

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“Korolivske HPP” LLC is a modern elevator complex, with a total capacity of grain storage of up to 47.2 thousand tons, which occupies an area of 3.884 hectares.

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The total capacity of grain storage of "UkrAgroCom" is 60 thousand tons. The enterprise has modern equipment for cleaning grain produced by company Schmidth-Seeger (Germany), capacities for drying, silos for storage of dry and wet grains, produced by company GSI (USA) and two scales as well.

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Svitlovodsk River Terminal is a foremost elevator complex of the group of companies “UkrAgroCom” and “Hermes-Trading” with total capacity of 94 thousand tons of simultaneous storage of grain; receipt – 5 thousand tons per day; processing and drying - 4.4 thousand tons per day; loading on railway – 4 thousand tons per day, loading on water transport - 5000 tons day.

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Oleksandriiskyi Sugar Plant” LLC is one of the five best plants in Ukraine, specializing in production of granulated sugar from sugar beets.

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Ukraine, Kirovohrad region,
vil. Holovkivka, 1 Soborna Str.

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