Foundation of UkrAgroCom LLC

The foundation of UkrAgroCom LLC, general director – Anatoly Kuzmenko. Land Bank is 14 thousand hectares.


Acquisition of first grain elevator UkrAgroCom

Acquisition of the first elevator – UkrAgroCom (12 000 t). Conduction of the first foreign contract with Kun S.A. in Ukraine. It was the beginning of a quality change in farming to intensive and highly accurate technologies.


Foundation of Hermes-Trading LLC

The foundation of Hermes-Trading LLC, director – Yuriy Skichko. Launch of export trade. First trade agreements and representations.


Acquisition of second grain elevator Korolivske HPP

Acquisition of second grain elevator Korolivske HPP (12 thousand tons). Total storage capacity is 24 thousand tons.


Acquisition of Oleksandriiskyi Sugar Plant

Acquisition of a sugar plant with a total capacity of processing up to 3 thousand tons of sugar beet per day.


First year of the audit

End of the reconstruction of the pig farm and the introduction of the Danish growing technologies. Modernization of elevators with equipment of American and European manufacturers (GSI, Bühler). Total storage capacity is up to 80 thousand tons.


Foundation of HPP Dobronadiivske

Land Bank is 36 thousand hectares. The third grain elevator – HPP Dobronadiivske (35 thousand tons), fit with technical equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers GSI (USA) and Bühler (Switzerland / Germany) was built “from the stratch”. Total storage capacity is 115thousand tons.


Foundation of a trading company in Switzerland

Land Bank is 65 500 hectares. Foundation of a trading company in Switzerland. Modernization and increase of elevators’ storage capacities up to 170 thousand tons: elevator UkrAgroCom (53 thousand tons), Korolivske HPP (47 thousand tons) and Dobronadiivske HPP (70 thousand tons).
Grain trading desk increased to 500 thousand tons per year.


Top – 22 of most powerful agro-industrial holdings

Land Bank is 75 thousand hectares of fertile agricultural land of Oleksandriiskyi, Petrivskyi, Znamianskyi, Svitlovodskyi and Novoukrainskyi districts of Kirovograd region and Pyatikhatskyi district of Dnipropetrovsk region. TOP-22 of the most powerful agricultural holdings. Top-15 of the biggest grain traders in Ukraine. Huge national-scale projects have been realized: dairy farm “Petrykivske Moloko” (it has 5 thousand heads of cattle), Svitlovodsk River Terminal (94 thousand tons) and Sharivskyi Elevator (81 thousand tons). Modernization of elevators. Total storage capacity is 353 thousand tons. A Direct European financing was received.


Beginning of the hedge on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Beginning of the hedge on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the International Futures Market of France.


Top-20 Agrarian Holding

Top- 20 Agrarian Holding. Strengthening the team by traders having international experience.


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