In 2018, «Svitlovodsk River Terminal» LLC expanded its activity to river transportation. The company
acquired first 2 tugboats and 4 barges with total capacity of about 8 000 tons of grain. Trus, the group of
companies AgroVista received its own fleet and shipping company capable to service own deliveries of
grains from central region of Ukraine to Nikolayev ports by the River Dnieper.

The total annual capacity of the fleet is 100-120 thousand tons of grains delivered from Svitlovodsky
river terminal and other river terminals to the major seaports of Ukraine, and other river terminals.
Deliveries by river will significantly reduce the cost of logistics.

The company has the opportunity to plan own shipments with the deliveries on FAS, FOB at the seaports
of Kherson, Nikolayev, Road of Nikolayev (Banka Trutaeva), and sell its commodities on major CIF

All vessels of the company meet the requirements of international and national standards, conventions
and rules, as well as technical requirements of the Ukrainian Shipping Register. The fleet of the company
is registered under the state flag of Ukraine.

Fleet Company

Tires «HERMES-1», «HERMES-2»
The type is booster.
Length – 28,85 m.
Width – 11.33 m.
Gross capacity – 344.
Engine power – 2 104 kW.

Tugs are equipped with the latest equipment from leading manufactures of the Netherlands, Germany,
Denmark, Poland, etc.
The area of navigation is the inland waterways of Ukraine, the Danube River and the marine coastal

2 non-self-propelled bilge barges «UAK-1», «UAK-2».

Year of constriction – 2005.
Length – 82.5 m.
Width – 11.4 m.
The height of the board is 3,85 m.
Coatings – Aluminum hinged covers.

2 non-self-propelled barges «UAK-3», «UAK-4».

Year of constriction – 1997.
Length – 81.93 m.
Width – 11.44 m.
The board height – 4 m.
Coatings – Aluminum rolling covers.

The area of navigation is the inland waterways of Ukraine, the Danube River and the marine coastal


+38 (05235) 6-27-21

Ukraine, Kirovohrad region,
vil. Holovkivka, 1 Soborna Str.

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